I was really impressed with what the team presented this morning. In fact, I thought that one of the presenters was an SC staff member because they knew their stuff so well (meaning the challenges and opportunities inherent in the different data sets) and was surprised to find out that they were all undergraduate students. - Deputy Director of Global Child Poverty, Save the Children

GeoQuery is an amazing tool. It saved me and my team a huge amount of time and energy wrangling data in several projects. It gives us a huge amount of geospatial data on the unique characteristics of a place and their dynamics overtime. It does all of this in a usable, intuitive form and in a matter of second. This is immensely helpful in many data poor parts of the world, where there isn't any other data to work with. It opens up new opportunities for spatial insight to inform our operations, opportunities we will take full advantage of. - Senior Geographer for the Geospatial Operations Support Team at the World Bank.


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Press & Policy

“Here’s how broke college students are helping Nepal recover from disaster.”

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