Revolution #4: Architecture

This Friday’s revolution is to go into a bit of depth on our system architecture. For the record – I am not, at all, a system architect. GeoQuery is built to, ultimately, provide a user with geospatial data aggregated to arbitrary boundaries.  While our public tool currently only enables pre-selected boundary files, behind the scenes […]

Revolution #2: From R to Python

I’ve been coding in R for most of my professional career – it’s flexible, quick, has a nice GUI (I love R Studio Server), and the volume of packages for statistical processing is amazing (even for spatial stats). …but I’m now making the transition over to Python. I’ve flirted with Python a few times in […]

Revolution #1: Timing

First, a brief introduction to the blog.  Revolutions is meant to be an area where the GeoQuery team can write about anything – from the technical details of our work, to a publication, to what we ate for breakfast any given morning.  It’s not copy-edited, it doesn’t represent the views of – well – really, […]