Custom Data Requests

GeoQuery does a lot, but not everything. You can submit your own shape files, GeoJSONs, or other requests here. Processing time will vary depending on the complexity and size of your data, and what data you request from us.


Before we process your request, you may receive a confirmation email to this account, and all data or other communication will be sent to this email.

Upload the boundary file you want data to be extracted to. We currently accept JSON files or zipped shapefiles to represent boundaries. If you upload something other than polygons (i.e., points or lines), please let us know what buffer you need applied. Uploads are currently limited to 25mb; if your file exceeds this limit, please email us directly at so we can arrange an alternative.

Provide us with any special processing requests. For example, if you do not upload a boundary but would like a custom request using boundary files already in GeoQuery (i.e., all African administrative units, or buffered AidData locations), or have uploaded a point file and need us to buffer it by a certain number of kilometers. We may email you for further clarification if needed; please be as specific as possible to expedite processing.

In this text box, please provide us with a list of the data and filters you would like us to provide in the extract. Any combination of data or filters available in the GeoQuery tool can be requested here. Please provide as much detail as possible (for example, "World Bank Geocoded Aid Data v1.4.2, Sectors including Energy Generation and Supply, Mineral Resources and Mining"; "Precipitation (Yearly Average), Mean; Max and Min for each boundary; Years 1985 - 2014";). If you request "all data", we will provide all of the information in GeoQuery, including aggregated top-level Aid information (i.e., all World Bank or GEF aid that has gone to a region in our database).

When you click the below button, any boundary files you've selected will be uploaded. This may take a few minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection and the size of your files. You will receive a confirmation message once the request has been submitted; please do not leave this page until you receive a confirmation. If your upload is to large or fails, please copy your request from this form and directly email us at


This page is for advanced users who want to make custom data requests using their own boundary files.  If you are looking for the GeoQuery tool itself, click here!