Summer Progress – New Data & More

Things get quiet over the summer in academia, but we’ve been making strong progress on GeoQuery features, data and more.  A few things to look forward to this coming Fall:

-> A new release of the GeoBoundaries dataset, including full integration with the GeoQuery tool

-> New datasets for precipitation and temperature extending up to last year (from the CRU model).  We’re also working on adding the integrated TRMM/GPMM precipitation satellite data – more on that soon.

-> New boundary types – we’re working on adding urban boundaries for each country, as well as electoral zones (hopefully!).  Both are in collaboration with other academic labs – Yale and UMD, respectively.

-> Our first whitelabel is live at – step one on defeating data stovepipes.

-> Behind the scenes, we now have a pair of V100 cards we’re using to create new subnational measurements of Fragility and Poverty, based on recent research from our colleagues at Stanford.  More on these soon!

-> We’re working on getting the famous Hansen deforestation dataset on our live front-end.  We’ll likely push this data at the same time as the new GeoBoundaries dataset.

We’ll do our best to let everyone know when these changes go live!

About the author: Daniel Runfola

Dan's research focuses on the use of quantitative modeling techniques to explain the conditions under which aid interventions succeed or fail using spatial data. He specializes in computational geography, machine learning, quasi-observational experimental analyses, human-int data collection methods, and high performance computing approaches. His research has been supported by the World Bank, USAID, Global Environmental Facility, and a number of private foundations and donors. He has published 34 books, articles, and technical reports in support of his research, and is the Project Lead of the GeoQuery project. At William and Mary, Dr. Runfola serves as the director of the Data Science Program, and advises students in the Applied Science Computational Geography Ph.D. program.