Faculty and Staff

Dr. Dan Runfola, Project Lead

Dan Runfola is AidData's Senior Geospatial Scientist, and the project lead of GeoQuery.  He also serves as an Assistant Professor of Applied Science and Director of William and Mary's Data Science Program.

Dr. Peter Kemper, Computer Science

Dr. Peter Kemper is a Professor of Computer Science at William and Mary, and an affiliate of the GeoQuery project.  He is also well known as the teacher of the hardest CS undergraduate course in the current curriculum.

Miranda Lv, Data Analyst

Miranda Lv is AidData's Data Analyst, and serves in the same role on the GeoQuery project.  She is responsible for data QA / QC, as well as the creation and integration of new datasets into GeoQuery.

Dr. Eric Walter, HPC Director

Eric Walter is the Director of HPC for both William and Mary and the GeoQuery project.  He has been with the W&M HPC since 2013, and is happy to unbreak Maui for you - at any hour of the night.

Seth Goodman, Technical Lead

Seth Goodman is AidData's Data Engineer, and the Technical Lead for the GeoQuery project.  He is also a Ph.D. student in the Department of Applied Science with a specialization in Computational Geography.

Student Research Teams

GeoDev Team

The GeoDev student team focuses on software and web development in support of the GeoQuery project.  Ranging from statistical programs in R to touch screen interfaces, they have facilitated a range of research that would otherwise have been impossible.  Current Members: Noor Rahman (CS), Michael LeFew (Operations Research, MS), Jianing Zhao (CS, Ph.D.), Andrew Miloslavsky (CS). Past Members: Lidia Kovacevic (International Relations), Ben Dykstra (Math), Rob Marty (MPP, MA)

GeoData Team

The GeoData Team is made up of undergraduate researchers from a wide variety of departments at Wililam and Mary, and scour the world to find new and novel datasets to integrate into the GeoQuery project.

GeoBoundaries Team

GeoBoundary Students are helping build the most up-to-date, accurate, and open source administrative boundary data currently available.  Lead by the work of Leigh Seitz during her undergraduate career at William and Mary, this project enables us to identify where things happened with far more accuracy than otherwise would be possible.

Leigh Seitz, GeoBoundaries Team Lead

Leigh Seitz is a recent graduate of William and Mary, with a degree in International Relations and specialization in GIS.  A cook in training, Leigh tirelessly searches the internet and reaches out to foreign countries to get the best boundaries in the world - both for GeoQuery and to ensure the accuracy of her geographically-correct cakes.

Rachel Oberman, Lab Director

Rachel Oberman is the student director in charge of all undergraduates on lab teams, including the GeoBoundaries, GeoData, and GeoDevelopment teams.  She makes sure everything is running on time, and is also a world-class figure skater.